Monday, August 30, 2010

back to stay

Hello readers, I know it seems like I have deserted my blog. I have been thinking of it often but in the move to my new house, I have not had internet for a month! Now that I am re-connected to the world, I plan on keeping a regular schedule of posting and updating.

I'd like to start off by posting a recent special we ran at Villa Tronco for our filet. $26 for the most amazing thing you'll ever put in your mouth (unless you are a vegan, and well then it would be your worst nightmare). Are you ready?

Toasted garlic ciabatta bread with blanched asparagus on top, with one medium-rare filet, a sunny-side up egg stacked on top with Hollandaise drizzled over all of it. YES! That just happened (and in Columbia, South Carolina, at that). We were so proud. Of course we had to try it out for ourselves and let the waitstaff know how to sell it, so we made one order and split it before dinner service on Thursday night.

Here's to drooling...

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